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Shipping & Industrial material

• Electric motors • Fire detection systems and spare parts • Explosive device of all categories • Lighting • Cables • Navy type (armed-unarmed) • Navigation systems and equipment • Automation
Since 1970 we support our partners with modern and branded products.

About Us

The company Spyridon Americanos individual, was founded in 1970 with headquarters in Keratsini. Its initial activity is the marketing of electrical equipment in the Maritime area as well as the inclusion of electric motors. It imports installation materials such as special cables, luminaires, lamps, etc. as well as enameled wire of various dimensions for including motors and generators.

In the 80's & 90's he is active at home as well as abroad in conversion projects and electrical installations on cargo and passenger ships. The warehouses and the material are upgraded with new spaces in Piraeus and Aspropyrgos.

In 2000, S. Americanos was created based in Piraeus. The range of products is enriched with Explosive Items, Modern Automation Material, Special Lighting and Navy type Cables with the respective Registration Certificates.

In 2007 the company is active in the field of energy production, introducing modern low-consumption power generators and pollutants.

Today S.AMERIKANOS maintains 3 independent spaces covering commercial and technical departments, with specialized and well-trained staff maintaining a dynamic clientele of Greek and Foreign Companies.

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